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Non-Traditional Careers

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the term Nontraditional Careers refers to jobs that have been traditionally filled by one gender. Nontraditional occupations are occupations for which individuals from one gender comprise less than 25% of the individuals employed. Examples are males in nursing and childcare and females in technologies and plumbing. Promoting nontraditional career opportunities opens doors for every individual. It breaks the mold of expectations and allows all learners to explore a wide range of career opportunities in an atmosphere free from stereotypes of gender and jobs.

Women are more often the focus of nontraditional programs because the opportunity to earn higher wages exists in occupations that are commonly nontraditional for women. Although occupations that are commonly nontraditional for men often do not yield higher wages, they may provide increased job satisfaction and may yield a higher wage for them than their female counterparts working in the same career.

Women have made great strides in working in male-dominated fields, such as law enforcement, politics, firefighting and the military. And now there are many men who also have been successful in stereotypical female career, such as nursing. but there is still much more to accomplish to guarantee all jobs are available to all people.

It's widely known that men and women think, act and work differently in various situations. So the unique perspective a man or woman brings to an industry dominated by the other sex could be quite beneficial for the organization, employees and clients alike.

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