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CIP Self - Review

The Career and Technical Education (CTE)  program review is an important part of ensuring quality instructional delivery to your students.  The CIP Program Self Review process is designed to be a growth experience for teachers and administrators.  The information will be reviewed and utilized within the TRAC system to help identify area concerns and technical assistance needs.
Thank you for your dedication to excellence.

Berrien County Schedule for CIP Self-review

2013-2018 Berrien County CIP Self-Review Schedule
(Revised July 13, 2016)


2013-2018  CIP Self-Review for Michigan Secondary CTE State-Approved Programs
(Revised 9-23-2013)

CIP Self-Review Components

CO 1 - Program Teacher Certification
CO 2 - Program Teacher Professional Development
C06 - Program Advisory Committee:  Industry Experts Provide Input to Program
C10 - Implementation of Program Standards
C13 Strategies to Eliminate Barriers
C16:  Secondary-Postsecondary Connections



CIP Self-Review Notes

If your program is scheduled for CIP Self-Review,  It needs to be completed and uploaded into Navigator no later than mid-May of that year.  Your local  CTE Director has the option to move that date forward, as Local CTE Directors are responsible to review the CIP self-review prior to submission and prior to instructor leaving for the school year.

CIP Self review must be completed in it's entirety, using Berrien CTE forms where indicated.  All information must be included and uploaded into Navigator, indicated complete, reviewed by CTE Director (or CTE Regional Director) prior to the end of the school year.