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C13 CIP Self-Review


 Section 1:  Program Facilities

In Navigator, upload classroom and laboratory pictures that demonstrate compliance with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR).  These pictures should demonstrate a minimum of 36 inches of width for all walkways and doorways.

Section 2:  Program is Free of Bias

In Navigator, upload the following documentation:

  • Pictures of classroom that demonstrate "free of bias"
  • Pictures of barrier free workstations
  • Letters from the textbook publisher indicating it is "free of bias"  Sample of bias-free letter from publisher

Section 3:  Program Recruitment Strategies

In Navigator, upload the following documentation:

  • Program brochure   (Sample brochure)
  • Webpage screenshot -
  • Enrollment demographics
  • Program application/pre-requisites, if applicable. 
  • Policy/procedure for enrolling students in CTE programs, if applicable.


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