Welcome to Berrien County Career and Technical Education

Berrien County Career & Technical Education (CTE) is a vibrant learning community within our individual communities, emphasizing rich and diverse programming for our students. Our goal is to create multiple career pathway options for our students by combining relevant, engaging experiences in both the classroom as well as industry.  These pathways stress a rigorous core academic curriculum and focus it in a manner that emphasizes hands-on, critical thinking skills that are vital for the employment of our students in the future.

Berrien County utilizes a unique delivery system for our CTE programming stemming from Public Act 56 (PA56), creating learning centers throughout the county that are accessible and available to all of our Berrien County high school students.  These learning centers consist of thirteen school districts, two colleges, one university and countless local industrial and community organizations collaborating to offer these unique opportunities for our students.  Every day across the county hundreds of students travel between these learning centers, taking advantage of the multiple learning opportunities this style of programming allows.

Career and Technical Education is an essential component to the overall preparation of our students to be BOTH college and career ready.  Our students must leave our programs prepared to compete and excel in our global economy.  Whether their next step involves pursuing a two, four or more years of advanced degrees, trade schools, the military, apprenticeships, or pursuing their career choice through on-the-job training, our goal is to ensure they are equipped to take those next steps.

For more information on the many different Career and Technical Education options available to our students, contact:

Chris Machiniak

Assistant Superintendent of Career & Technical Education and System Improvement

Berrien Regional Education Service Agency

Phone: 269-471-7725 ext. 3328


A Public Act 56 (PA56) Consortium

Berrien County Career & Technical Education (CTE) is a vibrant learning community with rich and diverse programming for our secondary students. Our purpose is to create a more relevant, engaging high school experience by combining the rigorous core academics that students need for college with the career and technical education that makes them employable, and to do it in an applied, hands-on way that includes real-life experience. Not only does career-relevant education keep students engaged in school but studies have shown that students in such programs have higher graduation rates than students who did not take CTE courses. The rigorous education each student receives through the Berrien County Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs provide the student with the technical skills and academic knowledge needed to prepare for future employment and/or a successful transition to post-secondary education.

Our career educational options are some of the most valuable resources and can help high school students gain a competitive advantage while preparing for college or a career. Berrien County Career and Technical Education is delivered through a system of shared time programs available at most of our local high schools. While Berrien County does not have a physical career center, we are still able to provide access to career and technical education classes through the Public Act 56 Consortium (PA56). If a local school district does not offer a specific CTE course, our students are able to travel to a district that does offer the desired course. Every day, hundreds of high school students cross district lines to take advantage of career and technical education programs offered in other districts.

Career and Technical Education is an essential component of the total educational system in Berrien County and is critical to our ability to develop students who are able to compete in a global economy. These are shared time programs and are available to all students in Berrien County, regardless of their home district.

Our goal is to continue the tradition of excellence by enhancing our career and technical education programs with an innovative approach that serves our county's secondary students. Our objective is to help students experience a seamless entry into institutions of higher learning leading to academic and workplace success.

To obtain additional information on Berrien County Career & Technical Education, contact:

Chris Machiniak, Assistant Superintendent & CTE Regional Director
Phone: 269-471-7725 ext. 3328

CTE Countywide Professional Development Day

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Thursday, August 10, 2023  8 am - 4 pm at Berrien RESA Administration Building