Application and Interview Process



The 5th Year Early/Middle College Program application will be available online on December 10, 2021.

Counselors will be responsible for completing an academic progress sheet as well as following up with students who submit an application.

Interview Process


After the application window has closed, applicants will be contacted to schedule their family interviews.  The interviews will take place at Berrien RESA in the late afternoon/early evening.  Families should check-in using the Conference Center Entrance at the back of the Administrative Center. Guests will be asked to wait in a lobby area until it is their turn to be interviewed.

Students and their families will participate in a 20-minute interview.  Students will not be interviewed by school officials from their home district, but instead by two to three other area school district and college administrators. A variety of questions will be asked about the student and the family’s preparedness for the 5th Year Early/Middle College Program. 

It is encouraged that parents/guardians and students treat this interview session as if it were an employment interview.  Interactive dialogue is encouraged and questions for the interviewers are more than welcome.

Upon completion of the interview process, the 5th Year Early/Middle College Leadership Team will make their recommendations to the local school districts as to program admittance.  The student’s home school district will have the ultimate authority relative to a students participation in the Program.

If for some reason a family experiences an emergency and is unable to participate in the interview, it is requested that the family alert Melissa Springsteen, the 5th Year Early/Middle College Consultant, at your earliest convenience. She can be reached at   Accommodations will be made on a case-by-case basis.  Additionally, should the student or family need special accommodations, please share the request as soon as possible. 

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Contact Information


Early/Middle College Consultant 
Melissa Springsteen 
(269) 471-7725, ext. 3304

Students and their families may also contact their local high school counselor/guidance office.