Bootcamp Overview

All E/MC students will complete a mandatory Summer College Success Bootcamp during the summer between grades 10 and 11; this bootcamp will help to develop their academic preparation skills, study skills development, and social maturity skills.  Students will also work closely with a 5th Year Early/Middle College Program Mentor who will serve as a “success coach” as they progress through the program.  In addition, students will still have access to their traditional high school support system, as well as student support services available through Lake Michigan College and Southwestern Michigan College.  Any student that does not attend all 5 days of Bootcamp will not be permitted to participate in the program.


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Contact Information


Early/Middle College Consultant 
Melissa Springsteen 
(269) 471-7725, ext. 3304

Students and their families may also contact their local high school counselor/guidance office.