Arts and Communication
media communications
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Arts & Communication Pathway

Are you creative? Are you imaginative, innovative and original? Do you like to communicate ideas? Do you like making crafts, drawing, playing a musical instrument, taking photos or writing stories? This may be the career path for you!

Careers in this path are related to humanities and performing, visual, literary and media arts. These include architecture; graphic, interior, and fashion design; writing; film; fine arts; journalism; languages; media; advertising; and public relations.

Career opportunities in Arts & Communication include:

  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Creative Writing
  • Film Production
  • Foreign Languages
  • Journalism
  • Radio & TV Broadcasting

Courses offered in School for Arts & Communication include:

  • Journalism
  • Graphic Arts
  • Photography
  • Fine Arts Courses (Art, Drama, Music)
  • Architectural Drafting and Design
  • Language Arts
  • Sculpture