Human Services
Human Services



Buchanan High School

Career Opportunities Include:

  • Cosmetologist
  • Nail Technician
  • Salon Owner
  • Skin and Make-Up Technician

GRADES: 11-12

Class Description

This certified program is regulated by the Michigan State Board of Cosmetology and meets the required 1500 hours of classroom and clinic floor experience. Students may enroll in the program during their junior or senior year of high school; however, students are encouraged to enroll as juniors so they will have time to complete the entire program during high school.

The cosmetology program trains students in the theory and practical aspects of cosmetology. The goal is to prepare students for immediate employment opportunities with special emphasis placed on enhancing technical skills with practical communication and people skills. The course is designed to help students develop proper habits in sanitation, health, and safety in the practice of cosmetology. A positive attitude and ethical business practices are emphasized throughout the course.

Content Areas


Career Outlook

Barbers, Hairstylists, and Cosmetologists help people look neat and well-groomed. Other personal appearance workers, such as manicurists and pedicurists, shampooers, and skin care specialists provide specialized services that help clients look and feel their best.

Barbers, Hairstylists, Cosmetologists, and most other personal appearance workers must be licensed.

Job opportunities generally should be good, but competition is expected for jobs and clients at higher paying salons; opportunities will be best for those licensed to provide a broad range of services.

The median hourly wage of barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists was $12.63 in 2019.


Source: United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019-20 Occupational Outlook Handbook:

Updated 11/20/2020