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Economic Lesson Plans

Marketing and Economics Grant

The lesson plan format includes organizational information that defines the alignment between the Social Studies Economics High School Content Expectations and the Michigan Department of Education Marketing Career and Technical Education Segmented Standards.

The organization information includes a lesson title, standards and benchmarks, concepts, lesson objectives, and supplies needed. The standards and benchmarks include The Michigan Career and Technical Education Marketing Segments, MBAResearch Performance Indicators (, the Michigan Department of Education Social Studies High School Content Expectations for Economics, Michigan CIP Standards for Marketing, Michigan High School Content Expectations for English Language Arts and Common Core English Language Arts Standards.   

Lesson Format

The model of curriculum integration was utilized to improve Career and Technical Education (CTE) students' understanding of economics. Based on the highly successful Math-in-CTE system developed by the National Research Center for Career & Technical Education (NRCCTE), the project paired economics teachers and marketing teachers to identify embedded economic concepts, align the curriculum, and develop resources and lesson plans that will be used statewide. Marketing teachers will schedule and teach the economic enhanced lessons throughout the school year. The alignment and subsequent lessons were rolled out at a one day train the trainer workshop on July 29, 2014, allowing for additional marketing programs to implement the integrated economics curriculum and train additional teachers in their district, county, or ISD.

Lesson Plan Layout

The lesson plan design follows the Math-in-CTE system which utilized "7 elements" to deliver the lesson.  Those elements include:

Elements Lesson Plan Layout
Element 1      Introduce the CTE lesson 
Element 2  Assess students' economic awareness as it relates to the CTE  lesson 
Element 3    Work through the economic lesson as it is embedded in the CTE  lesson 
Element 4      Work through related, contextual economic in CTE examples
Element  5    Work through traditional economic examples
Element 6      Students demonstrate their understanding
Element 7      Formal assessment


file & header 

naming conventions


      Naming Convention                      Type of Document                                         
  52.1999 - L 1 - Lesson Plan     Lesson Plan 
  52.1999 - L 1 - PRES 1   Presentation 1 (i.e., PowerPoint) 
  52.1999 - L 1 - PRES 2   Presentation 2 (i.e., PowerPoint)  
  52.1999 - L 1 - SH 1   Student Handout 1 
  52.1999 - L 1 - SHAK 1   Student Handout Answer Key 1
  52.1999 - L 1 - SH 2   Student Handout 2 
  52.1999 - L 1 - SHAK 2    Student Handout Answer Key 2 
  52.1999 - L 1 - TR 1   Teacher Resource 1 
  52.1999 - L 1 - TR 2   Teacher Resource 2 
  52.1999 - V 1    Video 1 
  52.1999 - V 2    Video 2 


Unit 1  - Economic Concepts

Unit 2 - Nature of Business

Unit 3  - Economic Systems 

Unit 4  - Impact of Government

Unit 5 - Analyze Cost/Relationships

Unit 6 - Economic Indicators

Unit 7 - Global Trade  

Unit 8 - Personal Finance  

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