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Economic Lesson Plans - Edition 1 Unit 6

Unit 6 - Describe economic indicators that can impact marketing activities.  


  • Lesson 30:  GDP and Standard of Living. Using current and historical data on real per capita GDP for the United States, and at least three other countries (e.g. Japan, Somalia, and South Korea) construct a relationship between real GDP and standard of living. (National Geography Standard 11, p. 206)
  • Lesson 31: Gross Domestic Product and Economic Growth. Use GDP data to measure the rate of economic growth in the United States and identify factors that have contributed to economic growth.
  • Lesson 32:  Economic Indicators. Using a number of indicators, such as GDP, per capita GDP, unemployment rates, and Consumer Price Index, analyze the characteristics of business cycles, including the characteristics of peaks, recessions, and expansions.
  • Lesson 33:  Unemployment. Analyze the character of different types of unemployment including frictional, structural, and cyclical.