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Economic Lesson Plans - Edition I Unit 7

Unit 7 - Determine global trade's impact on business decision making.

  • Lesson Plan 34:  The Global Economy and the Marketplace. Analyze and describe how the global economy has changed the interaction of buyers and sellers, such as in the automobile industry. (National Geography Standard 13, p. 210)
  • Lesson Plan 35: Absolute and Comparative Advantage. Use the concepts of absolute and comparative advantage to explain why goods and services are produced in one nation or locale versus another. (National Geography Standard 11, p. 206)  
  • Lesson Plan 36:  Domestic Activity and World Trade. Assess the impact of trade policies (i.e. tariffs, quotas, export subsidies, product standards, and other barriers), monetary policy, exchange rates, and interest rates on domestic activity and world trade. (National Geography Standard 11, p. 206)  
  • Lesson Plan 37:  Exchange Rates and the World Trade. Describe how interest rates in the United States impact the value of the dollar against other currencies (such as the Euro), and explain how exchange rates affect the value of goods and services of the United States in other markets. (National Geography Standard 11, p. 206)  
  • Lesson Plan 38:  Monetary Policy. Analyze how the decisions made by a country's central bank (or the Federal Reserve) impact a nation's international trade. (National Geography Standard 13, p. 210)  
  • Lesson Plan 39:  American Economy in the World. Analyze the changing relationship between the American economy and the global economy including, but not limited to, the increasing complexity of American economic activity (e.g., outsourcing, off-shoring, and supply-chaining) generated by the expansion of the global economy. (National Geographic Standard 11, p. 206)   


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