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A Message from Xello

Students across Michigan have been building EDPs in Career Cruising for years. Now we’re excited to bring you Xello—our new, highly engaging program to help every student become future ready!

As we get ready to make the move from Career Cruising to Xello, please check out the content that the team at Xello has put together for districts in Michigan. Please start with the Xello in Michigan landing page: - this is a great resource and includes the following: 

  1. 1.5 minute video overview of Xello
  2. Scope and Sequence: How Xello aligns to the new Michigan Career Development Model requirements
  3. Live Webinars: Michigan specific with a focus on meeting EDP requirements
  4. Pre-recorded training sessions for Educators
  5. FAQ's: Making the Move from Career Cruising to Xello 

Another great resource is the Xello Support Site which includes a detailed outline of the in-program career education curriculum (lessons).  Xello also created a grade level pacing guide that users have found very helpful! 

Use this Xello one-pager to help students with career development initiatives.